• New TAB book of Irish Tunes

    Irish Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer, Voume 2

    Irish Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer, Volume 240 traditional Irish airs, hornpipes, jigs, reels, slip jigs, polkas and waltzes from Mark’s CDs and YouTube videos, arranged for Mountain Dulcimer in D-A-D.

    Another Jig Will Do | Bank of Ireland | Beauty in Tears | Black Rogue | Blackthorn Stick |Blind Mary | Boy in the Gap | Boys of Blue Hill | Brian Boru’s March | Castle Kelly | Cooley’s Reel | Dever the Dancer | Drops of Brandy | Egan’s Polka | The Fairies | Foxhunter’s Reel | Fraher’s Jig | Harvest Home | I Buried My Wife | Irish Washerwoman | Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies | Jockey to the Fair | Julia Delaney | Kid on the Mountain | Killarney Boys of Pleasure | King of the Fairies | Langstrom’s Pony | Moorlough Shore | Morrison’s Jig | Musical Priest | Peeler’s Jacket | Rights of Man | Saddle the Pony | Ships Are Sailing | Smash the Windows | Star of the County Down | Tear the Calico | Tobin’s Favourite | Trip to Durrow | The Wise Maid

  • Winfield 2016 Dulcimer Champion!

    Mark Gilston with winning trophy and prize dulcimer at Winfield 2016Mark Gilston, First place winner at the National Mountain Dulcimer Competition at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, September 2016.